Can GARB prove itself to be a Top Penny Stock or just another false Pump and Dump?

Lately the team has been hearing a great deal of chatter about GARB (GARB Oil and Power Corp.) potentially being a great candidate as a top penny stock pick for the near future. Before people get too excited about this one, we want to make it very clear that this is yet another penny stock pick that comes with a great deal of risk, as it trades within the $.000 range, or "triple zero," as many like to call it. One one hand many of you will look at that and think that triple zero is the greatest time to buy a stock because of the price multiple possibilities as it moves up. After all, considering that GARB currently trades at $.0001 a move to just one cent per share would be an increase of 9,900%. We have seen massive moves like this many times before but that sort of push is not always the case, as we find it far more often to be the case that triple zeros either stay in the realm of the triple zero, or often even stop trading all together due to significant inactivity. Any stock trading at $.0001 runs the risk of eventually losing out on its entire bid making it almost completely impossible to trade it if you have shares. So remember, with all that in mind do not forget that management at told you that GARB comes with incredible risk, as it lies within one of the most tricky realms within the penny stock exchange.

Now at the same time as having a great deal of risk, we have to remember that one of the most important aspects that comes into play when looking at triple zero stocks, is the recognition that they also have the possibility of seeing significant gains. At the current price of $.0001 every single price increase by $.0001 is a percentage gain of 100%. It is for this reason that a lot penny stock investors have taken to labeling stocks like this one as being "lotto plays/lottery plays" because they are total crap shoots. No one truly knows what to expect but if you do indeed win, and manage to sell, you're almost guaranteed to win big because of the price multiple factor. But the main aspect to remember here is that you are not guaranteed to win. Invest into GARB only what you feel you can lose out on completely, within this often treacherous penny stock exchange.

By no means do we see GARB as a long term play but rather a penny stock with significant potential for the short term to turn profits for a good number of investors, if it manages to rise. Just yesterday GARB saw over 224 Million shares traded without the price budging at all, showing that there is a great deal of resistance. Though many feel that this one is a great buy, we are pretty weary of this stock right now because it seems that there may be a bit of a pump and dump forming, with the sort of volume that was traded yesterday without movement. At the same time, we are hearing that there may be a very strong promotional endeavor being put together for this company before the open this morning, that will likely bring in significant buying. There may be a great deal of reason to purchase GARB but for now feels that you should take extreme caution if you're interested in getting involved in this one. While there is a great deal of excitement here, as well as a great deal of buying volume with another promotion on the way, there is a great likelihood that many bagholders will be left behind. When we say "bagholder" we mean people purchasing the stock, only to find that they ave lost significant amounts of money. We feel that ENYC continues to be a much stronger bet as being one of the top penny stocks, than this one currently is, and urge you all to keep a very close eye on what is getting ready to happen. ENYC closed up another 97.5% for us earlier today and we expect a great deal more to come for our subscribers here. and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser’s in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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