As expected, GARB is not panning out to be the top penny stock powerhouse that many have hoped for.

So far we are very glad that was able to issue the significant warnings about trading GARB yesterday, that we were able to. Not to say that this stock may not see a significant run but we managed to point out a slew of red flags attributed to this ticker that told us that we should mention the particular dangers to our subscribers and general public alike. As always, we are no stranger to getting involved in risky investments but there comes a point where the risk may in many ways completely eclipse the reward. Again, we do recognize that there is the possibility of great gains here but allow us to explain why we saw absolutely no movement in price with today's massive amount of shares traded.

Before yesterdays trading we warned against trading GARB because of the absolutely massive amounts of shares available to trade. As we have said time and time again extremely low floats (very small amount of shares available to be traded) see significant price swings on small buys and sells, due to there being little resistance (shares selling against purchases) to the upside and little support (buys supporting selling pressure) to the downside. subscribers have seen this numerous times with ENYC, as the stock continues to have quick fluctuations to either side as we wait for news. In the case of GARB however, we have a complete 180 with regard to share structure, as the amount of shares available to trade is absolutely massive! While ENYC has 5.81 million shares in its float, GARB has over 25.5 billion! If that sort of share structure isn't a general warning sign to be extremely wary of an investment decision, we have no idea what is. To put things into even simpler terms, it is 4,394.93 times harder to see a price increase in GARB as it is to see one in ENYC. This realization alone should bring you to fully understand why has been pulling so hard for ENYC all this time. When news does hit and the awareness campaign truly takes hold the move will be absolutely incredible. GARB is a completely different story. In just yesterdays trading alone, over 1.1 billion shares traded and the price still managed to close even without the ask price budging from .0001 and this was all with two major promotional campaigns behind it. All of these realizations come together to reveal why we felt the need to categorize GARB as a possible pump and dump scheme. After all, over the past 2 days, almost 2 billion shares were swallowed up at the exact same price level, suggesting an immense amount of shares up for sale. It's not to say that things cannot get a lot better here, especially if the company does something to better the share structure but as it stands now, things do not look good with this massive amount of shares that seem to be getting dumped at a seemingly endless rate. is very glad that it has not issued an alert for this stock but rather a warning and we do not see it as a likelihood that this will ever be a stock that we see fit to provide awareness for unless significant changes take place within the inner workings of the company. Things certainly do not look promising here and as always we aim to bring our subscribers only the very best in unexpectedly strong opportunities within the penny stock exchange.

The entire world of penny stock investments seems to be abuzz about GARB and the possibilities of it seeing a major breakout but this is one of those situations where we tell all of our subscribers to be very weary about chasing hype, as it clearly does not always pan out. We will likely never get involved in any investment plays that have the sort of awful share structure that GARB has and hope that will be able to continue using its better judgement to continue to steer clear of these sorts of volatile investments. All investments are risky, penny stock investments even more so but there comes a time where we have to recognize that the risk may at times be too great.

Good luck to all of our amazing current and future subscribers! We hope all is well :) and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser’s in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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