AMDA (Amedica Corp.) Closed Up 68.75% Today! This NASDAQ Stock Has Net A Partnership For Silicon Nitride Sales In China.

AMDA (Amedica, Corp.) Closed Up 68.75% Today!

This NASDAQ Stock Is Growing Fast And Building Global Sales.

It's been quite some time since we've revisited AMDA (Amedica, Corp.) but with today's massive surge to the upside, for a 68.75% gain, we feel that we should bring it back into focus once again! The last time we were talking about AMDA it was over our excitement at having seen it make a steady climb up 268.18% in less than two months in the middle of last year.

Our interest in this one has been a true rarity, due to it being a NASDAQ stock, while we are more prone to lay our focus on companies trading on the OTC but when you have a company trading powerfully, regardless of the exchange, it is always good to bring it into the focus so that we can all take a serious look at it and recognize the strength behind it.

One of the best things about today's move, is that when we previously cited the 268.18% gain, it was trading at $.0.81. And had moved up there from the price point of $0.22. With it now trading at $1.08 it is making a serious push with a beautiful candlestick on the chart, in a potential bid to get to where it was before prior share structure changes. This company is really beginning to impress investors with their steadfastness and drive to make good on the completion of deals.

Amedica's continued drive is seen especially in their recent press release showing that they have net a large partnership deal with Shandong Weigao Orthopedic Device Company Limited ("Weigao Orthopedic"). This is a subsidiary of Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited (HKSE: 1066) and is “a medical device company in China specializing in the R&D, production and sale of spine, trauma and joint orthopedic implants.” This massive deal means at minimum 50,000 unit sales to occur within the first two years following CFDA clearance and on its own surpasses all of Amedica's silicon sales up until now. This is a massive deal for this quickly growing company and goes to show that even though the share price has gotten rocky in recent history, that they are still working diligently to bring greater value to investors.

Dr. Sonny Bal, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amedica, has stated that this is not only an incredibly large deal for the company but also that it is one that is opening up new doors for them, due to Weigao Orthopedic already being familiar with doing business in China. This will allow them to more aggressively push into the global sales arena. Dr. Sonny Bal went on to say that Asian markets are very receptive to bioceramic implants, which is a large aspect of what allowed this deal to come to fruition.

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