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Good morning!

If you follow technology at all, you know “mobile advertising” is the new billion-dollar craze. (Read more)

Moving ads and coupons and in-store promotions from the tired old newspaper to the cell phone has created large-cap empires!

Think of Groupon rebounding. Think of why Wall Street is going nutsfor Facebook again now that Zuckerberg is getting his ads on mobile devices.

And a little company called Webxu Inc. (WBXU) is already making all that happen!

Load the WBXU chart and you won’t see any of the $100 billion Facebook froth:

After a recent downswing, this 1-cent ticker now looks more like a potential bounce play than Mark Zuckerberg’s fat and happy baby!

Of course, the trick is being there at the bottom, which WBXU appears to tracking after three days down here at $0.014 a share.

If the 50-day trend is still doing its historical job as a support line, traders have a chance here to grab WBXU at a huge discount.

The 200-day line? Forget it. Converting $550,000 in corporate debt into fresh WBXU shares fixed the balance sheet but diluted the stock price.

Of course, dilution only really matters to the old shareholders, not traders who come into WBXU now…

WBXU says those shares are RESTRICTED so it’s not like they’ll be flooding the market any time soon! (Read more)

Meanwhile, WBXU’s core business keeps building. The company builds sites that point back to advertisers, who pay good money for the leads. (Read more)

They’re teamed up with big names in the business like Linkstorm, which runs those linked-in ads built into a lot of huge sites. (Read more)

They’re working with top designers to funnel eyeballs to their advertisers up to 40% more effectively.

And they’re getting their ads into the apps that crowd smart phones and tablets -- the way modern kids surf the Web! (Read more)

The latest WBXU mobile sites targeting car insurance and car loans are live and already scoring deals of their own. (Read more)

Just the advertising in the auto category generates a cool $4 BILLION a year -- and WBXU’s new niche is the richest of all! (Read more)

It isn’t making Facebook billions yet, but then, WBXU isn’t exactly a Facebook mega-cap stock. Current market value: $650,000, soaking wet!

At this level, every phone that starts getting WBXU ads really changes the price-to-revenue ratio in a meaningful way.

So if you want to play that long game or just the odds that WBXU is ready to “revert to mean,” this is a stock to keep in mind!

The ticker today is WBXU. The chart is here. Happy hunting!

See you soon!

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