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Epazz, Inc.

Members, I hope you've enjoyed the week so far.  I know that personally I've been waiting to find another sub-penny company to profile simply based on the amount of success the network has seen over the last month...which is why tonight I'd like keep with the trend and introduce you all to my latest double zero, sub penny profile on Epazz, Inc. (EPAZ).

This has been trading with a consistent bounce trend in my opinion.  Even on days where support has been broken, Epazz has closed either at or above support.  Moreover, EPAZ has been a strong intra-day runner as well seeing breakouts as high as $0.0016...60% north of the current support level!  Take a look at the chart and I think you'll start to see where I'm coming from, especially with how the month of September has also started off:

RSI is sitting in "Oversold" territory but has leveled out and may be starting to turn in the right direction.  I think the latest surge with increased volume, may have sparked a turning point on the EPAZ chart

This is a support breakdown for the last few weeks of EPAZ but even if you look at the 3 month chart, I think many would agree that the true support level here is right around the .001 mark.  Even at times where support has been broken, this ticker has managed a close at or above support.  Additionally, it appears that today, EPAZhas started to bounce back from tapping support earlier this morning.

MACD has started to level out and we could be starting to see the early signs of a bullish cross-over where the MACD line crosses over the red signal line showing a rebound from a bearish to a bullish momentum trend.

Epazz, Inc. Company Fundamentals

Epazz Inc. is an enterprise-wide software company that specializes in providing customized web applications to the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector. Epazz's unique BoxesOS applications can create virtual communities for enhanced communication, provide information and content for decision-making, and create a secure marketplace for any type of commerce all through the medium of the Internet.  According to the company, Epazz BoxesOS™v3.0 is the complete business web-based software package for small to mid-size businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, and government agencies. BoxesOS provides many of the web-based applications organizations would have to otherwise buy separately. Epazz's other products areAgentPower™, a workforce management software, and AutoHire™, an applicant tracking system.

If we're talking growth, it may not take long to realize where EPAZ stands in this category.  Epazz, Inc. came out of the gates swinging this year reporting first quarter revenues at an 82% increase for the three month period ending March 31, 2013! Epazz, Inc. reported revenue of $208,010 versus revenue of $114,477 for the same period in 2012.  Furthermore, as a true testament  to its overall growth, Epazz made it very clear in an August PR that the company has realized a 1,000 percent increase in rev's compared to when it first began publicly trading just a few years ago.  Furthermore, management has indicated that growth has been extremely evident with Epazz's client base as well where it too has grown... by more than 500 percent during the last 3 years.

"Epazz has been increasing its global distribution channels and continues to search for suitable acquisitions. With the synergies of our companies and the core expertise that ties each one together, both clients and prospects can continue to look forward to innovative, effective and efficient software tools geared to enhancing their business process."

~Shaun Passley, CEO of Epazz~

To add even more fuel to this fire, EPAZ has been hinting at a new direction for the company through transitioning into a Holding company.  According to management, the key concept with the holding company strategy is for businesses to be acquired, developed and spun off with a dividend being paid to shareholders.  In addition to its announcement in early August regarding its Project Human Mobile Power spinoff (a project to develop a mobile power device that allows iPhone and other smartphone users to power up their phone on the go without needing an outlet or a second battery), todayEPAZ announced a spin-off record date has been set for September 15, 2013 for its Project Flex (a dorm room sized refrigerator product).  Project Flex was originally set-up under Cooling Technology Solutions, Inc., which is changing its name to ZFridge, Inc. Epazz noted in today's press that it has filed the necessary paperwork for the name change.

Only shareholders of record date will receive the dividend. The Company approved a 1-10 stock dividend for shareholders of EPAZ. The spin-off of Project Flex will be above $0.01 per share. For each 10 shares of EPAZ common stock that a shareholder owns, the shareholder will receive 1 share of stock in the new Project Flex spin-off.

"This is our first spin-off, but not the last spin-off. Our business plan provides long-term shareholders multiple opportunities for stock dividends. We believe transitioning Epazz to a holding company will provide long-term value."

 ~Shaun Passley, Epazz, Inc. CEO~

Members, I don't know what's more exciting with this profile: The fact that it's a sub penny sitting at support, the increased momentum following today's news, the incredible growth the company has seen to date, or the latest opportunity for shareholders of the stated "record date" to receive a 1-10 stock dividend from EPAZ.  In any case, I thin this has a lot going on and after seeing today's surge,  I feel that momentum could be on our side for increased breakout potential heading into the Wednesday session.  Keep your eyes on your inbox for more and stay updated, up to the minute with me on Twitter!

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