Tomorrow's New Pick Could See A 100%+ Gain In The Near Term!

Platinum Picks Gained 352% In The Past 2 Weeks Tomorrow We Are Releasing A New One That Could Gain 100%+ In The Short Term! After 352% gains on Platinum Member Picks In The Past 2 Weeks, we are announcing a brand new surprise pick tomorrow morning! We just unearthed a huge on... ... read more »

AmbiCom Holdings, Inc (OTCMKTS: ABHI) Closed Up 46.5% And May Uplist Soon!

AmbiCom Holdings, Inc (OTCMKTS: ABHI) Closed Up 46.5% Today And May Soon Uplist As Auditors Prepare Their Financial Statements. AmbiCom Holdings, Inc (OTCMKTS: ABHI) saw a powerful close up 46.5% on nearly 10 million shares traded, as rumors swirled from traders that claimed ... ... read more »

FLASR, Inc (OTCMKTS: FLSR) Closed Up 150% Today!

FLASR, Inc (OTCMKTS: FLSR) Absolutely Rocked The OTC Market, With A Close Up 150%! FLASR, Inc (OTCMKTS: FLSR) was one of the most hotly followed and widely traded stocks on the OTC market today, closing up with a 150% gain on massive volume of more than 671 million share... ... read more »

352% Gains On Our Penny Stock Picks In The Past 2 Weeks!

Platinum Member Picks Have Gained Over 352% In The Past 2 Weeks And The New Pick Has Gained As Much As 48.65% In It's First 2 Days! Good evening dreamers, we hope that the long Memorial Day weekend has been treating you well. This is your first update of the week to bring your a... ... read more »

Over 300% Gains In The Past 7 Days On Our Platinum Member Picks!

Platinum Member Picks Have Gained Over 300% In The Past 7 Days! Read Below For Information On Discounted Platinum Memberships. Good evening Dreamers, we wanted to hit you with this very special update to say that with the movement that today's SECRET new Platinum Pick is already se... ... read more »

92.86% Gain On MJTK Yesterday And Our New Pick Is Coming Today At 9:30 AM Eastern Time!

104.76% Gain On QED Connect, Inc (OTCMKTS:QEDN) In 2 Days. 92.86% Gain On CannaSys, Inc (OTCMKTS:MJTK) Yesterday. And The Next Platinum Pick Is Coming Today At The Opening Bell! Good morning Dreamers, this is a very quick early morning update to bring your attention to the fact... ... read more »

MJTK (CannaSys, Inc.) Closed Up 92.86% For Our Subscribers Today!

Our Penny Stock Pick On MJTK (CannaSys, Inc.) Closed Up 92.86% For Our Subscribers Today! Our penny stock pick on MJTK (CannaSys, Inc.) closed up with a massive 92.86% gain today, after releasing a major press release stating that they have begun preliminary marketing for Citizen Toke, whic... ... read more »

SSOF (Sixty Six Oilfield Services, Inc.) Closed Up 166.67%, After Releasing Q1 Results.

SSOF (Sixty Six Oilfield Services, Inc.) Closed Up 166.67% Today After Releasing Strong Quarter 1 Revenue Of More Than $1.4 Million! There can be no doubt about the fact that SSOF (Sixty Six Oilfield Services, Inc.) was the most powerful penny stock pick of the day, with a close up a whopping ... ... read more »

QEDN Gained 104.76% For Our Members In Less Than 2 Days! New Pick Coming This Week.

104.76% Gain On QEDN In Less Than 2 Trading Days! Plus Another Early New Platinum Member Pick Coming This Week. Good morning Dreamers, this is a quick update on the latest pick on QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) and also to announce that a new pick will be coming to you later this wee... ... read more »

QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) Gained 104.76% For Our Subscribers, In 2 Days!

QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) Gained As Much As 104.76% For Our Subscribers in Just 2 Days! Just three days ago on May 18th 2017, we released QEDN (Inca Worldwide, Inc.) as a major new pick, catered exclusively to our paying Platinum Membership Subscribers, as a special announcement sent only... ... read more »
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