This Is A Special Update On Day 1 Of The New IFAN Alert! There Is Still Serious Investor Interest Building Here. Also Another New Pick Is Coming Soon!

Special Update On Today's Movement On IFAN (IFAN Financial, Inc.) Plus, A New Pick With Strong Fundamentals Coming Very Soon. Hey Dreamers, today proved to be a rough first day for the new pick on IFAN (IFAN Financial, Inc.) but as many of you know, it has often been the picks that... ... read more »

Today's New Penny Stock Pick Is On IFAN (IFAN Financial, Inc.)! This One Can Move Fast, So Be Sure To Keep A Close Eye On It.

This Massive New Pick Is Primed To Pick Up Serious Attention: IFAN (IFAN Financial, Inc.) Hey Dream Team, as mentioned last night, we have a major new Power Play For You mid-day and that pick is here for you by way of IFAN (IFAN Financial, Inc.). This pick was released to Pla... ... read more »

We Are Releasing A New Penny Stock Pick Tomorrow And It Is MASSIVE!

Tomorrow's New Pick Is Expected To Be An Absolute MONSTER! Become A Platinum Member For Exclusive Pre-Market Access. Hey Dreamers, this is a special end of day announcement to let you know that the planned new pick will be released tomorrow! It will be sent out to Platinum Mem... ... read more »

Massive New Penny Stock Pick Coming In The Next 2 Days!

There Is Massive New Pick Coming Within The Next 2 Days! Become A Platinum Member For Early Access. Hey Dream Team, we're keeping this special announcement short and sweet, to let you know that there is a massive new pick coming within the next 48 hours! (That's just two days).... ... read more »

Middle Class Wages Saw Record Growth In 2015, According To New Report From The US. Census Bureau. This Is Huge News For The Obama Administration.

U.S. Census Bureau Announces That Middle Class Incomes Saw Their Fastest Growth Ever Recorded, in 2015. Today the United States Census Bureau released major findings, announcing that middle class incomes saw their fastest growth on record last year in 2015. This means that since the Ce... ... read more »

Solid Action On Today's New Pick On LAHO! More Sustained Growth And Movement Expected.

Solid Action On Today's New Pick On LAHO (Lans Holdings, Inc.) Further Sustained Growth And Movement Expected. Hey Platinum Members, there can be no doubt that today’s release of the new pick on LAHO (Lans Holdings, Inc.) has been quite the interesting ride for this first day of t... ... read more »

Today's New Power Play Pick Is On LAHO (Lans Holdings, Inc.)! This One May Be On The Cusp Of A Major Breakout.

This New Pick Is Gearing Up For A Power Move: LAHO (Lans Holdings) Hey Dreamers, we told you to be on the lookout for a special new play to be released today and that new play is here by way of LAHO (Lans Holdings). This one is floating largely under the radar, as the company has been ... ... read more »

Big New Pick Slated For Tomorrow Morning At 8:45 AM Eastern Time! We Are Expecting Serious Follow Through For This One, So Get Ready.

New Power Play Coming Tomorrow At 8:45 AM Eastern Time! Hey Dream Team, this is a special night update to tell you that we are releasing a huge new play to you, early before the opening bell at 8:45 am Eastern Time! We're expecting some serious follow through on this one and this... ... read more »

Our Pick On DLCR (Kibush Capital, Corp.) Closed Up Another 36.36% Today On Rumor Of $400 Million In Contracts In The Works!

Our Stock Pick On DLCR (Kibush Capital Corp.) Closed Up Another 36.36% Today! This Company Has Major Contracts InThe Works. Our pick on DLCR (Kibush Capital Corp.) continued to show itself to be a major power player today, with a well deserved 36.36% close up! For those of you who m... ... read more »

SOUM (Sooum, Corp.) Closed Up Another 106.06% Today After Our Alert! It Is Now Up 750% In The Past 2 Days, Surpassing All Other Penny Stocks.

SOUM (Sooum, Corp.) Closed Up Another 106.06% After Our Penny Stock Blog Alert! It Is Now Up 750% In The Past 2 Days. SOUM (Sooum, Corp.) closed up another 106.06% today, continuing the incredible run to the upside that this power player has been seeing lately. We are very happy to hav... ... read more »
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