HAON (Halitron Inc.) Has Gained As Much 150% For Our Readers In 1 Week! Subscribe Today, For Early Access To Newsletter Picks.

HAON (Halitron, Inc.) Gained As Much As 150% For Our Members In The Past Week! Subscribe To A Platinum Membership For Early Access To Newsletter Picks. We have been seeing absolutely incredible gains on our penny stock alerts on HAON (Halitron, Inc.), with it closing up another 20.37% today... ... read more »

Solid 7.88% Gain For Our Members On TEUFF (Box Ships Inc.) Today! New Picks On The Way Soon!

Solid Gain Today And Update On Expectations For TEUFF (Box Ships, Inc.) And New Penny Stock Picks On The Way. We saw another solid day on the recent pick on TEUFF, with it closing up 7.88%. While this was a modest gain in comparison to what we are expecting over the coming weeks, we ha... ... read more »

MYEC (MyEcheck, Inc.) Closed Up 28.57% On More Than 13 Million Volume! Could This Be The Beginning Of More To Come?

MYEC (MyEcheck, Inc.) Closed Up 28.57% On Over 13 Million Volume! Could This Be The Beginning Of Sustained Momentum? MYEC (MyEcheck, Inc.) saw an impressive serge today with a close up 28.57%, on more than 13 million shares traded, breathing renewed life into the stock and bringing man... ... read more »

HAON (Halitron, Inc.) Closed Up 42.11% Today! Up Another 58.82% Since Our Blog Alert Last Week.

HAON (Halitron, Inc.) Closed Up Another 42.11%. Up 58.82% Since Our Update Last Week! HAON (Halitron, Inc.) has continued to see incredible movement since our recent update on it, posted just last week. Today, it managed to close up another 42.11% for those following along with our pla... ... read more »

Special update On Our Mixed Day Of Trading On VLDI And TEUFF! We Continue To Expect Bigger And Better Things.

Special Update On Today's Mixed Day On TEUFF (Box Ships, Inc.) And VLDI (Validian Corp.). Hey Dreamers, we had a mixed day today, with the pick on VLDI (Validian Corp.) closing up 26.98% and the pick on TEUFF (Box Ships, Inc.) closing down 26.06%. Luckily for Platinum Mem... ... read more »

TEUFF (Box Ships Inc.) Is Our Major New Penny Stock Pick! Already Seeing Big Gains For Our Platinum Members.

This Explosive New Pick Is Taking The Year By Storm: TEUFF (Box Ships, Inc.) Hey Dreamers, this is a major update to let you know that we are releasing TEUFF (Box Ships, Inc.) as our major new pick. This pick was already released to our VIP Platinum Members last week and they... ... read more »

GFOX (Grey Holdings Corp.) Closed Up 85.71% Today After 8-K Filing Shows Official Name Change!

GFOX (Grey Fox Holdings Corp.) Closed Up 85.71% Today, After An 8-K Filing Showing Completion Of Their Name Change! GFOX (Grey Fox Holdings Corp.) closed up with a substantial 85.71% gain today, proving to be on of the fastest moving picks in the OTC during the day's trading. ... ... read more »

HAON Halitron, Inc. Was Today's Hottest OTC Stock With A Closed Up 93.10%!

HAON (Halitron, Inc.) Was The Hottest OTC Stock Today, With A Massive Close Up 93.10%! HAON (Halitron, Inc.) proved to be the penny stock of the day today, with a powerful close up 93.10%! This move solidified its status as a major contender within the OTC market and has brought many m... ... read more »

We Have A Game Changing New Pick Coming Tomorrow Morning! Become A Platinum Member For Early Access Days In Advance Of Free Members!

Major New Platinum Pick Coming Tomorrow Morning At 9AM Eastern Time! Platinum Members Get Early Access With Free Members Getting It Days Later. Hey Dreamers, this is a very special announcement to let you know that we have a massive new pick being released tomorrow morning, as a S... ... read more »

Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) Closed Up 92.23% And BMXC Is Up 1,320% For Our Subscribers! New Penny Stock Pick On The Way.

TEUFF (Box Ships, Inc.) Closed Up 92.23% Today And BMXC (Bemax, Inc.) Is Up 1,320% For Our Subscribers! Become A Platinum Member To Get Our New Pick Early. Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) Saw an incredible surge today, closing the day out up 92.23% at .0198, proving itself to be an incredible con... ... read more »
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