Over 1,466% Gains On Picks Lately And We Have A MASSIVE New Pick Coming! Become A Platinum Member To See It First.

Over 1,466% Gains On Picks Lately And A Major New Pick Is Coming This Week! Gain Exclusive Early Access By Becoming A Platinum Member. Our picks have been seeing monstrous movement lately, with just three of our picks, rocketing upward a combined 1,466% going to show the incredible tract... ... read more »

Our Alert On DDDX (3dx Industries, Inc.) Has Now Gained 36.86% For Our Members, In 2 Days!

Our Pick On DDDX (3dx Industries, Inc.) Has Gained 36.86% For Our Members, In The Past 2 Days! This is a quick update to bring everyone's attention to the fact that our new pick on DDDX (3dx Industries, Inc) continued to perform nicely for us today, closing up an additional 16.26% ... ... read more »

We Saw Powerful Movement On Today's New Pick On DDDX! Be On The Lookout For Further Developments To Come.

Powerful Movement On Day One Of The New Pick On DDDX! Incredible Potential For More To Come. Hey Dreamers, we had a solid first day on today's new play on DDDX. It moved up as much as 28.57%, on solid volume, before eventually closing up 17.71%! This was a solid first day f... ... read more »

Mid-Day Update: Today's New Pick On DDDX Is Already Up 28.57% And Is Picking Up Fast!

Mid-Day Update: Powerful Growth On Today's New Pick On DDDX! Major Potential For Continued Movement. Hey Dreamers, this is a quick mid-day update, to bring your attention to the fact that today’s new pick on DDDX has been going incredibly well for us. It is currently up 28.57% mid... ... read more »

Today's MASSIVE New Pick Is On DDDX (3DX Industries, Inc.)! This One Can Move Fast On Light Trading!

This New Pick Can Move VERY Quickly: DDDX (3DX Industries, Inc.) Hey Dreamers, we told you to look out for the new pick announcement today and that pick is here by way of DDDX (3DX Industries Inc.). This is a special new play taking us back to our roots, as far as structure is concerned, m... ... read more »

Massive New Pick Coming Today. Get Ready Because This One Can Move Very Fast On Light Trading.

MASSIVE New Pick Coming Today at 9:30 AM Eastern Time. Right At The Opening Trading Bell! After 1,466% Gains on just three picks lately, we are very excited to say that there is a big new pick coming today at 9:30 AM Eastern Time! Be sure to subscribe ASAP, if you want to get this MASSIVE n... ... read more »

Early Morning Reminder That The New Pick Is Coming Today, At 9:30 AM Eastern Time! This Is A Big One.

The New Pick Is Coming Later This Morning At 9:30 AM Eastern Time! You Do Not Want To Miss This Special Announcement. Hey Dreamers, this is your promised early morning reminder, to say that the new pick will be coming to you later this morning at 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time! This will ... ... read more »

We Have A MASSIVE New Pick Coming Tomorrow At 9:30 AM Eastern Time! Get Ready.

The New Pick Is Coming Tomorrow Morning, At 9:30 AM Eastern Time! Hey Dreamers, remember that we have a new pick coming to you tomorrow morning, right at 9:30 am Eastern Time! We will have a final early reminder sent out at 6:30 am followed by the full announcement right at t... ... read more »

After 1,486% Combined Gains On 4 Picks Lately, We ave A MASSIVE New Pick Coming Next Monday!

After Over 1,486% Combined Gains On 4 Picks Combined, We Are Releasing A MASSIVE New Pick Next Monday! Hey Dreamers, we mentioned to you two nights ago, that you should be on the lookout for a new pick soon to come, so we have decided to tell you right now, to look out for that ne... ... read more »

We Are Shifting Focus From PSNP To A Lower Priced, Faster Moving Play! Likely Coming Tomorrow or Monday.

Important Morning Update: We Are Shifting Focus To A Lower Priced, Faster Moving Pick. Hey Dreamers, yesterday, we released an important update to Platinum Members, letting them know that we are going to be moving on from PSNP completely and moving our full focus to... ... read more »
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