Our Picks Have Now Gained Over 200% For Our Members, In The Past 2 Weeks! Plus Major News Released By RXMD!

Our Picks Have Gained Over 200% In The Past 2 Weeks! Plus Major News On RXMD. Become A Platinum Member, For The Exclusive First Look At New Picks Hey Dreamers, first of all we want to say that today was a huge one for our pick on RXMD (Progressive Care, Inc.). At 2:29 pm the... ... read more »

EFFI Has Gained Over 129% For Us In The Past 2 Weeks! Plus Incredible Growth On Other Picks.

EFFI Has Now Gained 129.41% For Us In The Past 2 Weeks! Plus Updates On Growth Of Other Picks. We saw more solid movement on EFFI (EffTec) today, with it seeing a close up another 14.71 percent. With this gain taken into account, it has now gained 129.41% in the past 2 weeks! ... ... read more »

Our Picks Have Now Gained 166.6% In The Past 2 Weeks! Become A Platinum Member For Early Access To Our New Picks.

We Have Seen Over 166 Percent Gains On Picks In The Past 2 Weeks! Become A Platinum Member, For Early Access To New Picks. Hey Dreamers, this is a special night time update, to bring your attention to the fact that we have continued to see massive movement lately. First of all, as mentio... ... read more »

Over 95% Gains On Our Picks In The Past Week! The New Year Is Kicking Off With A Major Bang!

Over 95% Gains On Picks In The Past Week. The New Year Is Kicking Off Powerfully! We had a solid mixed day today, with RXMD (Progressive Care, Inc.) closing up once again for us with a modest 5% gain and this time DDCC (Double Crown Resources, Inc) closing down slightly 8.4%. Not to mention... ... read more »

Platinum Pick On DDCC Confirms Deal Worth $20 Million Per Month! Plus Solid Growth On The New Pick On RXMD.

Platinum Member Pick On DDCC Confirms $20 Million Per Month Deal! Plus, Solid Growth On RXMD. First of all, we would like to offer a major congratulations to Platinum Members and their secret pick on DDCC last week, because today DDCC released an 8-K report rev... ... read more »

End Of Day Update On The New Pick On RXMD And Major Expectations For It.

End Of Day Update On Movement And Future Expectations Hey Dreamers, this is a quick end of day update on the new pick on RXMD released earlier today, that saw a great deal of wild movement with its ups and downs before eventually closing down slightly, 2.17%. The important thing to kee... ... read more »

Today's New Pick Is On RXMD (Progressive Care, Inc.) And We Are Expecting It To Be An Absolute Monster for 2016!

The New Pick Is Here: RXMD (Progressive Care, Inc.) Hey Dreamers, as promised, we're ready to reveal a major new pick to you today and that pick is here, by way of RXMD (Progressive Care, Inc.). This one serves as another example of the importance of the free flow of informati... ... read more »

Our Major New Pick Is Coming Tomorrow And Is Expected To Be Huge! Become A Platinum Member To Get It Early.

The New Pick Is Coming Tomorrow! Remember that we are still planning a full release to be sent out tomorrow! Platinum Members will be receiving the exclusive early word on the pick, first thing in the morning, while free members and the general public will be receiving it mid-day after th... ... read more »

There Is A Major New Pick Coming Within The Next 2 Days! Become A Platinum Member For Early Access!

Major New Pick Coming Within 2 Days. Become A Platinum Member To Get It First! Hey Dreamers, this is a special update, to let you know to be ready for a major new pick to be released within the next 2 days! This is slated to be released to Platinum Members early morning and later ... ... read more »

Market News Update: DCAC Closed Up A Solid 37.93% On Over 72 Million Shares Traded!

Market News Update: DCAC Closed Up A Solid 37.93% On Over 72 Million Shares Traded! Needless to say, DCAC (Daniel's Corporate Advisory, Co.) had an absolutely incredible day yesterday, closing up a solid 37.93% on powerful trading seeing over 72 million in volume! The movement has ... ... read more »


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