RSII (Rising India Inc.) shot up more than 100% mid-day!

RSII Shot Up Over 100% Today! Become A Platinum Member To Get Our Penny Stock Picks Early. RSII picked up a great deal of attention today, shooting up more than 100% mid-day on heavily increased buying pressure. The company has already seen over 100 million shares traded, proving to be one ... ... read more »

Crumb's Bake Shop Surged up 70% today in a quick turnaround but still has a lot of trouble.

Crumb's Bake Shop (CRMBQ) closed up 70% today. Become A Platinum Member To Get Our Top Penny Stock Picks Early! It's no secret that Crumb's Bake Shop (CRMBQ) has been having serious trouble lately, with its stock tanking quickly after their announcements last month, that they wo... ... read more »

VIIC Gained 720% Mid-Day Today, Proving to Be The Most Powerful Penny Stock of the day!

VIIC Ran up 720% Today, As Our Penny Stock Rally Expectations Kick Into Full Gear! Platinum Members Saw 4,000% Gains in 4 Months This Year. The movement seen with VIIC (Vision Industries Corp.) today, was nothing short of explosive, with the stock shooting up as much as 720% so far and... ... read more »

REVI (Resource Ventures, Inc.) was the most powerful penny stock of the day.

Market News: REVI closed up 44.5% Today. Platinum Members Saw 4,000% gains on stocks in just 4 months this year! REVI proved to be the most powerfully trading penny stock of the day, closing up 44.5% on more than 8.9 million shares traded. While this was not necessarily the most explos... ... read more »

We are releasing a Secret New Penny Stock Pick, to our Platinum Members Today!

Secret New Penny Stock Pick Today, Only For Platinum Members! Become A Platinum Member To Get Our Top Picks Before Anyone Else. Later today, we will be releasing a major new penny stock alert, that will only be seen by our Platinum Members! We are expecting a lot from this one and beli... ... read more »

MCET closed up 57.14% on more than 750 million shares traded, yesterday.

MCET closed up 57.14% Yesterday. Last time we alerted it Platinum Members Saw a 235% Gain In One Week! We are no strangers to MCET. The last time we released this one it went out to our platinum members before it was shown to anyone else and in less than one week, it shot up 235%. This... ... read more »

LGBS (Legends Business Group, Inc.) Proved to be one of the top penny stocks of the day, with a mid-day 42.86% gain.

LGBS up 42.86%, so far Today. Huge Secret Pick Coming To Platinum Members Soon! LGBS became one of the most talked about penny stocks of the day, with swift gains early on in the day, of as much as 42.86%, which it has thus far, been able to continue holding onto throughout the trading day.... ... read more »

GLBH (Globaltech Holdings, Inc.) Closed up 150%.

GLBH Closed up 150%. Become a Platinum Member, To Get Our Next Pick Early! We meant to talk about this earlier, but we were all busy doing the ALS ice bucket challenge (and donating), and are just now able to get to y'all about the major moves that GLBH (Globaltech Holdings, Inc.) has b... ... read more »

SKYF Ran up as much as 300% today!

News: SKYF Was Today's Top OTC Stock, With 300% Gains. Become A Platinum Member To Get Our Next Pick Early! In today's top OTC news, SKYF (Sky 440, Inc.) proved itself to be a major contender today, powerfully breaking out of it's multi-week sideways trading pattern and net... ... read more »

Carbon Sciences (CABN), up 233.33% in just 12 trading days!

CABN up 233.3% in 12 days. Subscribe to a Platinum Membership, to Get Our Next Pick Early! Things have been coming together powerfully for CABN lately, with it seeing gains of as much as 75% mid-day today, on solid buying pressure, marking a powerful breakout from what had already been shap... ... read more »
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