Our initial alert on FITX showed subscribers 383.87% gains, in just 5 days. It moved up 37.84% today, after yesterdays alert.

Our Initil Alert on FITX showed subscribers 383.87% gains, in just 5 days. It moved up 37.84% today, after yesterday's special alert. When we initially brought FITX (Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.) to your attention, our subscribers saw 383.87% gains within just 5 days. It proved to b... ... read more »

HRDN up 100% today on over 111 million in volume. The time is drawing near.

HRDN (Db Brands International Inc. closed up 100% today, one well over 111 million shares traded, as we continue to tell you all that this is a play that seems poised to see far greater levels than it’s current price level of $.0002. Currently the bulk of our interest continues to lie in it... ... read more »

PROW up 90% for subscribers, since our alert, just 5 trading days ago!

Followers have seen 90% gains In just 5 trading days! We released our initial penny stock blog alert on PROW (Progress Watch, Corp.) just 5 trading days ago, on the night of December 23rd. At the time, PROW was trading at just $.01 per share but today, with yet another major move to the ups... ... read more »

PLPE is up 2,788.88% in just 6 weeks!

PLPE (PeopleString, Corp.) has sparked a serious stir within the penny stock exchange, over the course of these past 6 weeks. Within this time frame PLPE has gone from being a thinly traded stock, to one that has seen gains as great as 2,788.88%, as of yesterday’s high. This sort of movemen... ... read more »

This is the New Power Play: PTSH (Newsletter Re-Post)

New Power Play: PTSH Hey Dreamers! Over the course of the weekend, we told you that a new play was on the way and here it is this morning, on PTSH (Pts, Inc.). PTSH was released early on to our Platinum Members, at 6 am this morning and has been a very dormant play this year, seeing... ... read more »

The last time we alerted FITX it ran 383.87% in 5 days for our subscribers! It has sparked our interest, once again.

After seeing 338.7% Gains on our last FITX Alert It has Peaked our interest, once again Our original alert on FITX (Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.), was back on March 26th, at 8:02 am. After our special alert, our followers saw 383.87% gains within just 5 days! This movement was absolutely a... ... read more »

The last time we alerted SKTO, it ran 321.05% within 4 days. With today's close up 60.78%, we believe that it may be ready again.

SKTO (Sk3 Group, Inc.) has always been a play that was of great interest to us and with today’s sudden run, up 60.78%, it has come to greatly interest us once again. The last time that we released a major special alert on SKTO was on March 19th 2013, when it was trading at just $.019. Withi... ... read more »

Something very interesting is stirring up with SVFC.

A very interesting situation came up with SVFC (Intellicell Biosciences, Inc.) today, that has sparked our interest enough, to suggest that all of our followers keep a very close eye on this fast moving play. Today, SVFC closed up 78.95% on more than 127 million shares traded, which came as a mys... ... read more »

PROW up 30% mid-day, from our special alert.

On December 23rd, after the close of trading, we released a special penny stock alert, via our various social media platforms, telling all readers that it was time to take a very serious look at PROW (Progress Watch, Corp.). Our reason for announcing it at the time, had to do with the recognition... ... read more »

New Power Play: UMNG (Newsletter Re-Post)

New Power Play: UMNG (Umining Resources, Inc.) Our next major play is UMNG, which was sent to our early bird Platinum Members, last night. This play caused a serious stir within the markets this past Friday, with a close up 1,300 percent. At first glance this may be seen as rea... ... read more »
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