Surprise New Play (Newsletter Re-Post)

New Play: MINE (Minerco Resources, Inc.) Hey Dreamers! Yesterday we brought you a special reverse merger play. As you all know, reverse mergers allow you to get in at supressed levels before a possible merger is announced complete, bringing in the valuation of an actual company, in place of... ... read more »

Keep TEMN (Team Nation Holdings Corp.) on very high alert because things are about to get serious.

TEMN (Team Nation Holdings, Corp.) continues to be our main play and for good reason; we believe very strongly, that TEMN is about to garner a great deal of attention from active penny stock investors. We have always recognized the potential here but we have finally entered into crunch time, mean... ... read more »

TEMN is on the move! (Newsletter Update from Last Night):

TEMN Continues to be our major play And it's moving fast! Hopefully you've followed TEMN as closely as we have been telling you to because if you have been, you recognize that the time is now. ​This past Friday, TEMN closed up 35.71 percent, on... ... read more »

Our main pick on TEMN, closed up 35.71% yesterday, on explosive volume!

Hopefully you have been keeping a very close eye on TEMN (Team Nation Holdings Corp.) as we have been telling you to because things are coming together here very quickly. Thursday night the Nevada Secretary of State website, showed that the status of the company has been upgraded to "Active,... ... read more »

As we head into the last trading day of the week, TEMN continues to be our main play and will continue to be, for quite some time.

TEMN (Team Nation Holdings, Corp.) continues to be our major play and will be seeing a great deal of coverage from us through next week. For two weeks now, we have been saying to look out for significant movement to come and we continue to feel that this play holds a great deal of potential. Due ... ... read more »

GNCP closed up another 133.33% after our Penny Stock Blog Alert! Sign up to our newsletter today.

Thursday night, we released a major penny stock blog alert for GNCP (Gncc Capital, Inc.), telling all readers to keep a very close eye on it, due to our belief that it might see incredible movement; it seems that we were quite correct. After our announcement, GNCP closed up another 133.33% yester... ... read more »

Did you invest in UMDI 2 days ago? Hopefully you did because it shot up 1,611.11% yesterday!

UMDI (Usmart Mobile Device Inc.) took the world of penny stocks by storm yesterday, closing up for massive gains of 1,611.11%. This move proved to be one of the most stabilized fast runners of the day, as volume poured in at an exorbitant rate, to see more than 1.7 million shares traded and a mov... ... read more »

BSPM (Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) has been a wild ride for traders. Up 202.86% in the past 6 weeks.

The movement that has been seen with BSPM (Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) over the course of the past 6 weeks, has been nothing short of incredible, as the stock has managed to shoot beyond the pennies per share range and rocket upward to it's current price of $2.12; the company currentl... ... read more »

HMHC (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Corp.) closed up 31.92% today, on more than 8 million shares traded!

As has been clearly stated in our name, we generally prefer to stick to special announcements pertaining to penny stocks but today was a very special day for HMHC (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Corp.). The stock currently priced at $15.83, closed up 31.92% today, on well over 8 million shares tr... ... read more »

CPHI (China Pharma Holdings, Inc.) closed up 40.72% today, on massive volume!

All right, well maybe the volume traded on CPHI (China Pharma Holdings, Inc.) today, wasn't exactly "massive," but considering the current price per share, with that volume in mind, the dollar volume traded was incredible. Over the course of the day, there was nearly $300,000 worth ... ... read more »
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