This is the major news announcement that helped spark the more than 100% run that has been seen with LBSR (Liberty Star Uranium & Metals, Corp.) over the past 2 days.

As we have been saying, LBSR (Liberty Star Uranium & Metals, Corp.) has been moving powerfully as of late with gains of more than 118% over the course of the past 4 trading days alone. There has been a great deal of renewed interest in to this fast moving penny stock play, coming from active... ... read more »

LBSR (Liberty Star Uranium & Metals, Corp.) closed up 52.90% today, as momentum continues, after a recent major news release.

LBSR (Liberty Star Uranium & Metals, Corp.) has been moving very fast as of late and with today's close up another 52.90%, it has now seen gains of 118.18% over the course of the past 4 trading days! This sort of movement has been absolutely astronomical for this fast moving penny stock play ... ... read more »

VEDO (Villageedocs, Inc.) closed up 108.62% in a major breakout move! Subscribe to our platinum alerts today

VEDO (Villageedocs, Inc.) picked up some serious momentum today, closing up 108.62% as increased buying pressure brought a great deal of increased attention to the company, from active penny stock investors. Numerous well known traders within the penny stock exchange have taken up serious interes... ... read more »

Yesterday's Platinum Alert on NSEH (Nustate Energy Holdings, Inc.) closed up 13.73%. Subscribe to our newsletter alerts today!

Yesterday's special Platinum alert on NSEH (Nustate Energy Holdings, Inc.) went very well today, closing up 13.73% on more than 28 times its daily average volume! This massive increase in trading volume goes to show the incredible strength of our awareness platform, as we continue to grow and sho... ... read more »

The special news announcement that sparked the run on WSGI (World Surveillance Group Inc.) is below:

As stated in a previous blog post of ours, WSGI (World Surveillance Group Inc.) managed to close up 61.07% this past Friday, due to a major news alert about a lawsuit that they filed, acting as a major catalyst. Active investors clearly reacted very favorably to the news, sparking a significant ... ... read more »

WSGI (World Surveillance Group Inc.) closed up 61.07% this past Friday in a major breakout on a major news development.

WSGI (World Surveillance Group Inc.) closed up 61.07% yesterday, after announcing after the close Thursday, that they were launching a lawsuit against La Jolla Cove Investors, Inc. The news was clearly taken very well by investors, as buying pressure greatly increased, eventually seeing more th... ... read more »

A Major new Secret alert was sent out to Platinum Members earlier tonight. If you subscribe to a Platinum Membership, you can still receive this major play before it is released to free members tomorrow at 10 am.

Earlier tonight we released a major new special alert to our Platinum Members. As is generally the case, Platinum Members are able to receive the early word on our very best penny stock alerts, before they are released to anyone else. We are expecting major movement from this special alert and be... ... read more »

Interested in Buying Penny Stocks? Our Platinum Memberships are on the rise, after subscribers saw 1,800% gains in just 6 weeks!

Penny Stock Dream Platinum Members have now seen gains of more than 1,800% in just the past 6 weeks! This news has prompted Smart Investors to purchase Platinum Level Memberships to our fast growing promotion platform, so that they can get information on the very best penny stock alerts before th... ... read more »

EFLN (Efuel Efn Corp.) closed up 83.33% this past Friday on more than 37.4 million shares traded! Subscribe to our penny stock

Interest in trading shares of EFLN (Efuel Efn Corp.) kicked up drastically this past Friday, with this fast moving stock trading more than 37.4 million shares and closing up with gains of 83.33%. In fact, EFLN came very close to puling off a 100% close but closed down on another trade, just befor... ... read more »

NSEH (NuState Energy Holdings, Inc.) took the Penny Stock Exchange by storm yesterday, seeing gains as great as 100% mid-day.

NSEH (NuState Energy Holdings, Inc.) impressed many investors yesterday, with gains as great as 100% mid-day, before closing the day up 45.71%. The rapid movement went to show how well managed the float is, when considering that just over 10.1 million shares traded was able to see such significan... ... read more »
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