Changes coming to our Platinum Subscription!

Based on how fast Penny Stock Dream is growing, we have decided that it's time to upgrade the website, specifically for our loyal Platinum members. Until now, we only accepted Paypal as a form of payment for our Platinum subscription, but after this update, we will offer Credit Cards as a form of... ... read more »

MYEC (Myecheck, Inc.) closed up 90.48% today after this Top Penny Stock Play released a strong Quarterly Report.

MYEC (Myecheck, Inc.) proved itself as being one of the top penny stock plays of the day, after closing up 90.48% due to increased interest from investors most interested in buying penny stocks. The interest came largely in reaction to a strong quarterly report released by the company after yeste... ... read more »

PMET (Pacific Metals Corp.) is up 240% mid-day, as this Top Penny Stock Play gains major attention from investors.

PMET (Pacific Metals Corp.) has proven to be a major breakout play within the penny stock exchange today, as it currently sits up with gains of 240%. Penny Stock Dream is very happy to shed light on the incredible gains that this company has seen today, as it has greatly outperformed the majority... ... read more »

CCRY (Chancery Resources, Inc.) closed up 60% yesterday, proving itself to be a major contender among other Top Penny Stock Plays.

CCRY (Chancery Resources, Inc.) proved to be one of the top penny stock investment plays of the day, as it closed out the day up 60% on increased interest from investors most interested in trading penny stocks. Testament to the fact that interest in trading CCRY has increased greatly, was the fac... ... read more »

The gains continue for our GROV penny stock play!

GROV up 24.01% in two days, after today's continued move up! (Groverware Tech, Ltd.) After yesterday's 18.75% rise with GROV, today saw gains of another 5.26%, showing that this one has what it takes to move relatively quickly with the right amount of attention. As we told you before, the only ... ... read more »

SSOL (Sunvalley Solar, Inc.) is up another 51.90% today, after our early morning Penny Stock Blog Alert.

As we suspected in today's early morning Penny Stock Dream blog alert, SSOL (Sunvalley Solar, Inc.) is managing to continue it's run, due to the incredible increase in attention that has come into the trading of this fast moving penny stock alert. Yesterday after releasing a major news announcem... ... read more »

SSOL (Sunvalley Solar, Inc.) closed up 79.55% yesterday, after a major early morning announcement from this top penny stock play.

Yesterday at 9 am SSOL (Sunvalley Solar, Inc.) released a major news announcement stating that they have been awarded an 87.5KW solar system contract from Corporate Logistics in City of Industry, CA. This is a especially large announcement for a company trading as a penny stock because The 87... ... read more »

FITX (Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.) closed up 191.38% yesterday, after this top penny stock announced that they were entering the marijuana sector.

At 8:02 am yesterday, FITX (Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.) released a major press release announcing that the company is moving into the marijuana sector. This unexpected announcement held a major impact on the stocks trading, bringing the company to eventually close up 191.38%; greatly outperfo... ... read more »

Our latest alert on GROV saw an +18.75% close today, and was up over 50% at one point!

Our subscribers up on the latest alert with GROV closing up nearly 19%, and up over 50% at one point today! GROV (Groverware Tech, Ltd.) Congratulations to our subscribers that took last night's alert seriously and saw GROV shoot up throughout the day!(GROV) Closed today at .095 with an amazin... ... read more »

Our (GROV) Penny Stock Alert is looking even better with big news released!

$3 Million Annual Market Opportunity for GroveWare Technologies GROV- for Paperless County Government Solution on Apple iPad GROV (Groverware Tech, Ltd.) This is a quick followup to the alert that we released last night on GROV. It seems like some great news has been released about them this m... ... read more »
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