Major new Penny Stock Newsletter Alert for GNCP (GNCC Capital, Inc). We are Expecting a Serious Push this week!

Special Alert GNCP This is a very high level alert being released here on our blog, at the same time as it is being released to our subscribed free members. Platinum members received this very special alert in advance, allowing them to get an early start on reading up about this incredible pla... ... read more »

MCET (MultiCell Technologies, Inc.) up 220% since our initial penny stock alert last Tuesday.

Since our initial penny stock newsletter alert on MCET, sent out at 6 am last Tuesday (2/19/13), subscribers to our free service have already seen gains of 220%. With these gains taken into account, over the course of the past 4 weeks subscribers to our platform have seen total gains of more tha... ... read more » Subscribers see gains of 838% in the past 4 weeks. Sign up to become a Platinum Member today!

With the latest Penny Stock Dream play, MCET (MultiCell Technologies, Inc.) seeing another 69% gains by the close of trading yesterday, subscribers have now seen overall gains of over 838% on their penny stock alerts within the past 4 weeks. MCET alone, has seen gains of 202% since their promotio... ... read more »

MCET Still on the move days after our alert! Closed up 69% today.

As most of you already know, we sent out an alert on MCET to all of our subscribers earlier this week, and it shot up 145% right after. This stock just won't quit! After a few shakey days, It closed at a 69% gain today, bringing our followers even more of a total gain then the original increase o... ... read more » Subscribers have seen 767% gains on Penny Stock Alerts in the past 4 weeks.

In just the past 4 weeks, subscribers to the Penny Stock Dream penny stock alert network, have seen profit potential of more than 767%. While this figure was bolstered greatly by the 145% run seen on their MCET newsletter alert, just two days ago, it reigns as no surprise that overall our winning... ... read more »

MCET (MultiCell Technologies, Inc.) closed up 145% yesterday on record volume, after our early penny stock newsletter alert.

Yesterday, 2/19/13, Penny Stock Dream released an early penny stock newsletter alert on MCET (MultiCell Technologies, Inc.). This was a special alert going to all members, rather than being released to platinum members first; the markets reaction was monstrous. The alert saw gains of 145% at the ... ... read more »

PSWS (PureSafe Water Systems, Inc.) is already up 160% today, proving itself to be an incredible penny stock pick.

With a little over an hour left in the trading day, PSWS (PureSafe Water Systems, Inc.) is showing itself to be one of the strongest penny stock plays around, as it currently holds gains of 160% as awareness to its business practices have kicked into overdrive. Over 14.5 million shares have alrea... ... read more »

GRAS (Greenfield Farms Food, Inc.) up 52.17% Mid-day as attention turns to this powerful penny stock play.

GRAS (Greenfield Farms Food, Inc.) is moving fast today! Already at 1:26 pm the stock is trading up 52.17% with over 26 million shares traded, as active penny stock investors have been scrambling to take up positions throughout the day. Initially it seemed as though the push may have been through... ... read more »

SITS (Southern ITS International, Inc.) up 167.57% after major penny stock news announcement.

SITS (Southern ITS International, Inc.) has garnered some major attention today, closing up 167.57% after the release of major news. With this movement, it proved to be one of the top penny stock plays of the day. Those looking for powerful penny stock alerts should look into our Platinum Level M... ... read more »

WGAS up 206% so far today on major breakout, proving itself to be a top penny stock.

Worthington Energy, (WGAS) has seen a major breakout today with a powerful gain of over 200% for active penny stock investors! (WGAS) has been on a  steady decline since December of 2012, but just earlier today they released updated news on their VM179 funding where they were please to report ... ... read more »
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