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SUTI: 211.11%

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400% Gains And A New Pick Coming To Platinum Members, Tomorrow Morning. This Is A Big One!

Mar 04 - 400% Gains In The Past 5 Weeks And A New Pick Is Coming To Platinum Members Tomorrow Morning! We are very happy to announce that over the course of the past 5 weeks, our penny stock picks gained more than 400%. This movement was incredible for our subscribers and especially for our Pla... ... read more »

400% Gains Within 5 Weeks and A New Pick Coming Within 2 days!

Mar 03 - 400 Percent Gains And A New Pick Coming! Platinum Members Will Be Receiving It Early. In the past 5 weeks, we have seen our picks shoot up more than 400 percent, on very solid trading, as a result of solid runs on THCZ, TUNG, SUTI, and IJJP. Even more importantly, our most rece... ... read more »

THCZ Continues To See Solid Growth. New Pick Coming Early To Platinum Members!

Mar 02 - Our Pick On THCZ Has Continued To See Solid Growth! New Pick Coming Early To Platinum Members Soon. Today, we saw more solid gains on our pick on THCZ, with a solid close up an additional 12.46% on more than 9 million shares traded. The gains that this pick has been seeing for us over the c... ... read more »

Market News Update: HIPPQ (Hipcricket, Inc.) Was The OTC Stock Of The Day, With A Close Up 275%.

Feb 25 - HIPPQ Was The OTC Stock Of The Day, With A Close Up 275%. That Means It Gained 400% In The Past Week! HIPPQ (Hipcricket, Inc.) has proven to be one of the most powerfully trading penny stocks in the world, these past few trading days, with 400% gains over the course of the past week! Tod... ... read more »

After 300% Gains In 2 Weeks, A New Platinum Pick Is Coming Tomorrow Morning!

Feb 24 - New Platinum Pick Coming Tomorrow Morning! Might Not Be Released To Free Members. This is a big one; We wanted to hit you with this special mid-day update to let you all know that there is another big new early platinum pick being released tomorrow morning. This pick may be reserved... ... read more »

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We currently have ENDO and UAPC on watch as our stock picks. Both showing gain over the last week and have great potential.

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