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Our Picks Gained Over 550% In The Past Month! And We Have A MASSIVE New Pick Coming To Our Platinum Members! Subscribe To Get It Early.

Jul 28 - After 550% Gains On Picks In The Past Month A Major New Pick Is Coming To Platinum Members Within The Next 2 Days! This is a special end of day announcement, to let you all know that we are releasing a major new pick, within the next 2 days, for everyone that is signed up to ... ... read more »

Massive Gains On Picks And A Huge New Money Making Opportunity.

Jul 27 - Massive Gains On Our Picks For Subscribers Lately! Plus, Join Our Team For A Huge New Money Making Opportunity. Hey everyone, usually we devote every single post on here to stocks and for good reason. Over the course of 2015 so far, we have seen our picks gain nearly 3,000% already for... ... read more »

We Are Making HCTI Our Major New Power Play Today! This One Is Picking Up Serious Attention.

Jul 23 - The New Pick Is Here: HCTI (Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc.) Hey Dreamers, this is a special early morning announcement, to let you all know that we are releasing a new Power Play on HCTI (Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc.). This pick was already released in advance to Platinum ... ... read more »

Our Pick On GEQU, Has Shown Our Subscribers As Much As 525% Gains, In Just 3 And A Half Weeks!

Jul 22 - GEQU Gained 525% For Our Subscribers In 3 And A Half Weeks! Become A Platinum Member, For Early Access To New Picks. As of the high of the day today, even with the modest drop that we saw, GEQU has gained as much as 525% for our subscribers, in just 3 and a half weeks! This pick was initial... ... read more »

GEQU Is Now Up 441.66% For Our Subscribers, In The Past 3 Weeks! Subscribe To A Platinum Membership, For Early Access To Our New Picks!

Jul 21 - Our Pick On GEQU Is Now Up 441.66% In The Past 3 Weeks! Subscribe To A Platinum Membership For Early Access To Our New Picks.  We had another solid day today on GEQU, with it's modest close up, now having it up 441.66% for us, since our initial Early Platinum Member Release just 3 ... ... read more »

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We currently have TLFX and CGRA on watch as our stock picks. Both have been showing incredible gains over the course of the past 2 weeks!

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