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KYNC Closed Up 50% Today, After Our Alert Last Night, Announcing The Rebirth Of The Business!

Jan 16 - Yesterday We Posted An Alert Announcing That Kyn Capital Group, Inc., (PINK:KYNC) Was In The Midst Of A Major Revamp Of The Business. Today It Closed Up 50%.   Yesterday we released a key alert on Kyn Capital Group, Inc., (PINK:KYNC) informing investors of the fact that KYNC... ... read more »

SWHI Closed Up 70.97% Today, After Our Special Alert Posted Last Night!

Jan 16 - After Our Alert On SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. (SWHI) Yesterday, It Closed Up 70.97% Today!   Yesterday we released an important update to raise awareness to the fact that SW Innovative Holdings, Inc., (SWHI) may be in the midst of a massive reverse merger with Next Dynamics. ... ... read more »

KYNC Is In The Midst Of A Major Revamp And Re-Brand In Effort To Build Value For Investors.

Jan 15 - Kyn Capital Group, Inc., (PINK:KYNC) Should Be Kept On Your Watch List Because The Company Is In The Midst Of Revamping Itself To Build Value For Investors.   Kyn Capital Group, Inc., (PINK:KYNC) is a company that everyone should be keeping on their watch lists for the potential ... ... read more »

SWHI Closed Up 82.35% Over Expectation That Next Dynamics Will Reverse Merge Into The Shell.

Jan 15 - SW Innovative Holdings, Inc., (SWHI) Closed Up 82.35% Today On Heightened Expectation Among Investors That Next Dynamics Is Reverse Merging Into The Shell.   SW Innovative Holdings, Inc., (SWHI) closed up with a massive 82.35% gain to close the day at $.0031 as a result of word s... ... read more »

GGSM Has Gained 3,200% In The Past Month!

Jan 14 - Gold and Gemstone, Inc. (GGSM) Has Gained 3,200% In The Past Month! This Was Our Old Platinum Pick Released Long Ago At $.0012 That Has Re-Awoken With Incredible Strength.   At today's close at $.0033 Gold and Gemstone, Inc. (GGSM) has officially gained 3,200% over the course... ... read more »

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