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Market News Update: PGEI Closed Up With A MASSIVE 65.52% Gain! This Low Floater Is Making Heads Turn Fast.

Feb 12 - Market News Update: PGEI Closed Up 65.52% In A MASSIVE Run. This One's Making Heads Turn Fast. PGEI had a massive day today, with serious buying heading into the close, allowing it to finish off the day out with a 65.52% gain! This massive move came on more than 10 million shares t... ... read more »

With 6 Sites Now Poised To Release The Upcoming New Pick, It Will Be Moved To Next Week, For Major follow Through!

Feb 12 - There Are Now 6 Sites Ready To Release This Upcoming Pick! With This Extra Planning, It Is Now Being Moved To Next Week. Hey Dreamers, with all of the work we have been putting into ensuring that this new pick is a major one, we have decided to put to off until next week. This is ... ... read more »

Special Update On The Upcoming New Pick, Still Slated To Be Released This Week. There Is A Lot Going Into This One!

Feb 08 - Special Update On The Coming New Pick, Still Slated To Be Released This Week. Hey Dreamers, it looks like we were spot on with our expectations for the Annual after Super Bowl Monday to be in full effect with a slowdown in trading, with many people not being interested in trading after the ... ... read more »

We're Pushing Back The New Pick. To Allow For Recovery After Super Bowl Celebrations.

Feb 07 - We're Rolling The New Pick Release Back On Accounts Of... SUPERBOWL! Hey Dreamers, this is a quick update to let you know that we will be rolling back the release of the new pick. We still fully plan to have it out for you this week, with the greatest likelihood being Tuesday morni... ... read more »

Get Ready For The Monstrous New Pick We Have Coming Out Next Monday! These Coming Weeks Will Be Huge!

Feb 05 - Get Ready For The New Pick Coming, Early Next Week! This is a quick morning reminder, that we have a MASSIVE new pick coming to you, next week Monday morning, so be sure to get ready! We're expecting this to be a major game changer, with solid staying power throughout the year. We ... ... read more »

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